Area Code 561 Valid Telephone Exchanges

Area code (561) currently contains 540 local exchanges. Click an exchange below to get more information about the supported thousands digit of the phone number.

Exchange City # User Comments Last Comment From This Exchange
561-284West Palm Beach0
561-366West Palm Beach1The caller ID states name is Merils Wilson. ...
561-608Boynton Beach0
561-321Tampa1I got a text from this number from whom I don...
561-249West Palm Beach0
561-983Belle Glade4This person keeps on every day at all hours. ...
561-989Boca Raton0
561-719West Palm Beach0
561-829Belle Glade4rude and threatening.
561-882West Palm Beach0
561-505Boca Raton0
561-372Boca Raton0
561-793West Palm Beach0
561-801West Palm Beach1Constant calls on my cell phone
561-323West Palm Beach0
561-337West Palm Beach1Caller hung up upon answering phone. call ba...
561-219West Palm Beach0
561-275West Palm Beach3Will NOT stop calling after being told he's g...
561-327Boynton Beach1I've rejected this scammer before, yet after ...
561-534West Palm Beach0
561-881West Palm Beach0
561-961Boca Raton0
561-474West Palm Beach1Pre recorded call from consumer services
561-837West Palm Beach0
561-977West Palm Beach0
561-610West Palm Beach0
561-736Boynton Beach0
561-329West Palm Beach0
561-478West Palm Beach0
561-326West Palm Beach0
561-455Delray Beach0
561-452West Palm Beach0
561-694West Palm Beach0
561-352West Palm Beach1Claims his name is Matthew L. Davis of Davis ...
561-652West Palm Beach0
561-383West Palm Beach1Threatening me, by saying she could find me w...
561-338Boca Raton0
561-471West Palm Beach0
561-443Boca Raton0
561-422West Palm Beach0
561-200Boynton Beach5Man at this # claimed to represent Direct Plu...
561-947West Palm Beach0
561-863West Palm Beach0
561-790West Palm Beach0
561-317West Palm Beach0
561-533West Palm Beach1Its a scam to get you to pay for doing a segm...
561-735Boynton Beach0
561-386West Palm Beach1This loser loves to get high and drunk, then ...
561-886Boca Raton1this caller is a sales scammer who calls our ...
561-217West Palm Beach0
561-874West Palm Beach0
561-828West Palm Beach0
561-951West Palm Beach1this number is calling saying they are Dect.W...
561-396Boynton Beach3check my info
561-751West Palm Beach0
561-271Delray Beach1I am receiving unsolicted text messages from ...
561-994Boca Raton1Said he is calling on behalf of Spectrum. I d...
561-824Delray Beach0
561-349Pahokee2This is a recording that says you did somethi...
561-393Boca Raton0
561-688West Palm Beach0
561-549Boca Raton1Very rude and abusive
561-825West Palm Beach0
561-491West Palm Beach1They call before 8 am they called last night ...
561-395Boca Raton0
561-860Delray Beach5A robocall from UN-known about how to make mo...
561-948Boca Raton1These people keep calling me even though I am...
561-838West Palm Beach0
561-248West Palm Beach0
561-414Delray Beach4trying to send me pictures on my cell phone w...
561-654Delray Beach1I got a call from a man named Matthew. I can'...
561-642West Palm Beach0
561-607West Palm Beach0
561-885West Palm Beach0
561-487Boca Raton0
561-703Delray Beach0
561-714West Palm Beach0
561-520Boca Raton0
561-373West Palm Beach0
561-939Boca Raton0
561-926Delray Beach0
561-318West Palm Beach0
561-883Boca Raton1i have received 2 calls at day from this phon...
561-369Boynton Beach0
561-820West Palm Beach0
561-296West Palm Beach0
561-712West Palm Beach0
561-460West Palm Beach2Again another number related to a previous nu...
561-870Delray Beach0
561-628West Palm Beach4caller called 5 times in a 20 min span. going...
561-622West Palm Beach0
561-438Delray Beach0
561-803West Palm Beach0
561-742Boynton Beach0
561-601West Palm Beach4Called on a Sunday morning-recorded message t...
561-768Jupiter3consistently calls my phone blocked and restr...
561-901Delray Beach0
561-209West Palm Beach0
561-723West Palm Beach0
561-864Boca Raton0
561-845West Palm Beach0
561-791West Palm Beach2Calling me telling me I hit his car and left ...
561-687West Palm Beach0
561-432West Palm Beach0
561-364Boynton Beach0
561-220West Palm Beach7cell phone text solisitation for free gold ba...
561-371West Palm Beach2Recording came on saying US customs calling m...
561-637Delray Beach0
561-740Boynton Beach0
561-385West Palm Beach0
561-633West Palm Beach3this animal calls and texts me all day long s...
561-208Boca Raton1Objective is to sell you "unsolicited&qu...
561-499Delray Beach0
561-796West Palm Beach0
561-625West Palm Beach1they calling everyday on my wife cell and th...
561-246West Palm Beach4Calling wanting to know your social and addre...
561-205West Palm Beach0
561-212Boca Raton0
561-291West Palm Beach2Text message spammer about "
561-577Boynton Beach0
561-536Boynton Beach2Calls but never leaves any message
561-681West Palm Beach0
561-316Jupiter3Call call came in at 5:59 AM!!!!!!!!!! Dont k...
561-705Boca Raton2I have been receiving calls from this person ...
561-787Boynton Beach0
561-636Boca Raton0
561-357West Palm Beach0
561-524Boynton Beach0
561-892Boca Raton0
561-381Delray Beach0
561-755Belle Glade0
561-353Boca Raton0
561-876West Palm Beach0
561-298Belle Glade0
561-807Boca Raton3answered phone and nothing on the other end, ...
561-843Delray Beach3receiving spam texts from this number
561-706Delray Beach0
561-997Boca Raton0
561-541West Palm Beach3this number called me on xmas harrassing me a...
561-214West Palm Beach0
561-586West Palm Beach0
561-866Boca Raton2Received call stating that I recently stayed ...
561-596West Palm Beach0
561-289Boca Raton0
561-998Boca Raton0
561-483Boca Raton0
561-518Belle Glade0
561-767Boynton Beach2Person called my child said she called and an...
561-693West Palm Beach0
561-322Boca Raton1called lat at night
561-552West Palm Beach0
561-670West Palm Beach0
561-261Belle Glade0
561-374Boynton Beach1he keeps calling me, saying that he will do s...
561-582West Palm Beach0
561-707West Palm Beach1I use to make harassing calls
561-442Boca Raton0
561-996Belle Glade0
561-734Boynton Beach0
561-433West Palm Beach0
561-937West Palm Beach0
561-630West Palm Beach1Calls daily; never leaves a message.
561-276Delray Beach0
561-731Boynton Beach0
561-542Delray Beach4Please report for unwanted texts and phone ca...
561-722West Palm Beach2Called twice and I didn't answer as I did not...
561-969West Palm Beach0
561-253West Palm Beach0
561-201West Palm Beach3Says his name is Doug Mollo and text for a re...
561-756Boca Raton0
561-691West Palm Beach0
561-715Delray Beach0
561-603West Palm Beach0
561-206Boca Raton1Received a text message from this number stat...
561-333West Palm Beach0
561-738Boynton Beach0
561-638Delray Beach0
561-671West Palm Beach0
561-512West Palm Beach2They are prank calling our Five Guys location...
561-802West Palm Beach0
561-573Delray Beach1Receiving unwanted calls from this number. ...
561-287Boca Raton2Keep receiving calls from this number. Calls...
561-391Boca Raton0
561-910Boca Raton0
561-839West Palm Beach0
561-429West Palm Beach4This is a scam. Phony company claiming you h...
561-953Boca Raton0
561-239Boca Raton0
561-651West Palm Beach0
561-952Belle Glade0
561-626West Palm Beach0
561-986West Palm Beach0
561-602West Palm Beach0
561-692Belle Glade5calling every 5/10 min. hangs up when i answe...
561-893Boca Raton0
561-340West Palm Beach0
561-400Boca Raton0
561-509Boynton Beach1Well, just recieve this call. A male voice ju...
561-456Boca Raton0
561-988Boca Raton0
561-238West Palm Beach0
561-932West Palm Beach1July 12, 2019 10:00p.m. I kept receiving phon...
561-255West Palm Beach0
561-729West Palm Beach2i need that number stop call me please
561-445Boca Raton1Got prank call at 2am
561-514West Palm Beach0
561-859Delray Beach0
561-314Boca Raton0
561-439West Palm Beach0
561-288Boca Raton5Claimed to be collecting on a vacation balanc...
561-431Delray Beach0
561-936West Palm Beach0
561-282West Palm Beach1I would like this caller to stop calling.
561-606West Palm Beach0
561-450Delray Beach0
561-436Boynton Beach0
561-230West Palm Beach0
561-665Delray Beach2some guy from INDIA CALLING ABOUT MY CREDIT C...
561-309West Palm Beach1I just need to kno.who this is
561-869Boca Raton0
561-955Boca Raton0
561-929Boca Raton2Calls all hours of the night has Ben repeated...
561-454Delray Beach1Receiving texts to my cell I am reportind thi...
561-888West Palm Beach0
561-202West Palm Beach1Repeated calls have come from this number wit...
561-273West Palm Beach0
561-224Boynton Beach0
561-894Delray Beach0
561-368Boca Raton0
561-449Belle Glade2This person ordered almost $30.00 worth of de...
561-964West Palm Beach0
561-683West Palm Beach0
561-655West Palm Beach0
561-620Boca Raton0
561-523Boynton Beach2On 10:03am Feb 7 2019 I received a disturbing...
561-376Delray Beach2De quem e ease nĂºmero
561-319West Palm Beach1obscene and harrasing calls
561-616West Palm Beach0
561-304West Palm Beach0
561-548West Palm Beach0
561-251Delray Beach0
561-805West Palm Beach0
561-624West Palm Beach0
561-370West Palm Beach0
561-522Delray Beach0
561-358West Palm Beach1Please, My Husband Jerold Kritchman has...
561-267West Palm Beach0
561-398West Palm Beach0
561-351West Palm Beach25613518021 keeps calling and hangs up. Bewar...
561-659West Palm Beach1Keeps calling and hanging up, no message
561-629West Palm Beach1These predators need to be STOPPED! The DO NO...
561-927Delray Beach0
561-558Boca Raton0
561-674Boca Raton1Spanish bot leaves message and hangs up and k...
561-427Jupiter3just left it to my voicemail but it didnt lea...
561-580West Palm Beach0
561-226Boca Raton1Unknown caller hung up on me!
561-921Delray Beach1Has called continuously and will not leave a ...
561-598West Palm Beach1Keeps calling, no message, on do not call li...
561-493West Palm Beach0
561-818West Palm Beach2I post an add on craiglist and this person is...
561-470Boca Raton0
561-993Belle Glade0
561-266Delray Beach0
561-697West Palm Beach1call from above number that obama will pay fp...
561-632West Palm Beach0
561-504Boca Raton0
561-347Boca Raton0
561-525West Palm Beach0
561-779West Palm Beach2this person wont stop texting me and cursed m...
561-259Boynton Beach0
561-216Belle Glade0
561-991Boca Raton0
561-207West Palm Beach1Craigslist Cell Phone Fraud. Will tell you s...
561-477Boca Raton0
561-684West Palm Beach1This company is a scam outfit. They treat the...
561-718West Palm Beach0
561-498Delray Beach0
561-841West Palm Beach1The p e r s o n who called w a s r e a l l y ...
561-516Belle Glade0
561-689West Palm Beach0
561-390Belle Glade0
561-613Boca Raton1Person calls from this line and requests tows...
561-965West Palm Beach1This number called, put the phone down when I...
561-204West Palm Beach0
561-752Boynton Beach1Prank call about unpaid traffic tickets. Liv...
561-750Boca Raton0
561-306Delray Beach7SCAMMERS FROM INDIA
561-832West Palm Beach0
561-379West Palm Beach2They apparently want to clean my air ducts. ...
561-699Delray Beach0
561-244Boynton Beach2Text me to say my account was locked that I d...
561-290West Palm Beach1Running a scam
561-294West Palm Beach5PLACE HERE 58585 5712 OFFCER PICEE
561-784West Palm Beach0
561-733Boynton Beach0
561-992Belle Glade0
561-773Boca Raton0
561-922Boca Raton4Called 3-4 days straight. No voice message is...
561-972Jupiter1continue to receive harassing texts from this...
561-297Boca Raton0
561-300Boca Raton0
561-797West Palm Beach0
561-256Belle Glade0
561-210Boca Raton2mad mad mr.mad if you receive a call from 561...
561-495Delray Beach0
561-281West Palm Beach2this number keeps texting and calling my phon...
561-899West Palm Beach2blurs out cuss words then hangs up
561-531West Palm Beach0
561-568West Palm Beach1They sent me a messege that i am a f*****g wh...
561-572Boynton Beach0
561-923Boca Raton0
561-350Delray Beach1Sending harassing texts back to back
561-985Belle Glade1This number: 561-985-2334 called today June 1...
561-423Boynton Beach1Not sure if this was a recording but Carmen s...
561-914Belle Glade0
561-716Delray Beach1Rang at 9.15 PM, left no message
561-550West Palm Beach0
561-308West Palm Beach0
561-263Jupiter1This person called and stated my e- mail is t...
561-543West Palm Beach2Calls a few times a week around 11:30pm, talk...
561-962Boca Raton3Reports that has warrant from IRS on husband ...
561-463Belle Glade1robo call, FEDERAL government, hiding taxes f...
561-361Boca Raton0
561-804West Palm Beach0
561-551West Palm Beach1I keep getting phone calls from this number b...
561-862Boca Raton0
561-945Delray Beach0
561-721West Palm Beach1This caller made several calls until I finall...
561-635West Palm Beach0
561-502West Palm Beach2bonsua mommy sai evena
561-228West Palm Beach0
561-447Boca Raton0
561-809Delray Beach3Received text stating that I had ordered a $2...
561-981Boca Raton0
561-441Delray Beach2I got a call from this number claiming they c...
561-846West Palm Beach1Treaten my life and said they are coming to ...
561-847West Palm Beach0
561-868West Palm Beach1It's a fax machine that's continuously callin...
561-754West Palm Beach0
561-880Boynton Beach2Scam credit card debt relief
561-553West Palm Beach0
561-457Boca Raton0
561-789Delray Beach0
561-378Boca Raton0
561-355West Palm Beach0
561-578West Palm Beach0
561-521Boynton Beach0
561-591West Palm Beach0
561-420West Palm Beach7Called to talk about chem trails. Very caust...
561-556West Palm Beach1SCAM credit card
561-362Boca Raton0
561-262Jupiter1They keep calling and hanging up over and ove...
561-856West Palm Beach2they call repeatedly and do not leave a messa...
561-842West Palm Beach0
561-503Boynton Beach2Says he works with a large group of country c...
561-540West Palm Beach0
561-274Delray Beach0
561-247West Palm Beach0
561-242West Palm Beach0
561-375Boynton Beach0
561-594West Palm Beach2someone use this number to send death threat ...
561-840West Palm Beach0
561-604West Palm Beach0
561-280Delray Beach0
561-775West Palm Beach0
561-554West Palm Beach0
561-762West Palm Beach1please stop calling my daughter she is termin...
561-324West Palm Beach0
561-844West Palm Beach0
561-417Boca Raton0
561-310West Palm Beach0
561-833West Palm Beach1Keeps on calling my cellphone as a fax line! ...
561-575Jupiter2keep calling, insist I've purchased gold coin...
561-748Jupiter1Keep receiving calls from this phone number a...
561-394Boca Raton0
561-535West Palm Beach0
561-526Delray Beach1Multiple Text soliciting messages
561-795West Palm Beach0
561-236West Palm Beach1preys on older women
561-771Pahokee1left a VM from "Insurance Dept." re...
561-758West Palm Beach0
561-227West Palm Beach0
561-459West Palm Beach1Does not leave message
561-605West Palm Beach0
561-906West Palm Beach1Adrianna Bodden sleeps with MARRIED MEN!!!
561-732Boynton Beach0
561-627West Palm Beach0
561-435Boca Raton0
561-749Delray Beach2Goes by the name of Tracy. Asked for financia...
561-853Boynton Beach1I received a text with video porn and attachm...
561-713West Palm Beach2send text in the middle of the night. buying ...
561-653West Palm Beach0
561-891West Palm Beach2Miss represents himself as a police officer w...
561-430Orlando2Robo calling relating to Google scam
561-743Jupiter1Tried faxing my resume to this # and it's bus...
561-307West Palm Beach0
561-215West Palm Beach1got a call form this number from a young whil...
561-747Jupiter1Ex-husband repeated calls me from this number...
561-313West Palm Beach1constant calls and no message left
561-702Delray Beach0
561-472West Palm Beach1Calls randomly - never leaves a message
561-685West Palm Beach1Unpleasant
561-649West Palm Beach0
561-312West Palm Beach0
561-392Boca Raton0
561-968West Palm Beach0
561-330Delray Beach0
561-904Fort Pierce0
561-301West Palm Beach0
561-753West Palm Beach0
561-389West Palm Beach0
561-292Boynton Beach0
561-676West Palm Beach0
561-387West Palm Beach0
561-799West Palm Beach2I got a call from this number. She wanted to ...
561-479Boca Raton2Amazon Scam
561-278Delray Beach0
561-416Boca Raton0
561-315West Palm Beach1I received a call from this number, guarantee...
561-852Boca Raton0
561-650West Palm Beach0
561-900Delray Beach3I got a text message from this number with a ...
561-488Boca Raton0
561-912Boca Raton0
561-982Boca Raton1This is the number I was given by someone who...
561-588West Palm Beach0
561-494West Palm Beach0
561-500West Palm Beach0
561-634Boynton Beach1No response to anwsered phone call. Spam &...
561-641West Palm Beach0
561-237Boca Raton0
561-656West Palm Beach0
561-966West Palm Beach0
561-739Boynton Beach0
561-908Delray Beach1received a text message: Damien, I was in t...
561-666Delray Beach1bashing a candidate and keeps calling me.
561-644West Palm Beach1this cuban gay scams people asking money in a...
561-241Boca Raton0
561-585West Palm Beach0
561-434West Palm Beach0
561-865Delray Beach1Constantly calls and leaves no message
561-623West Palm Beach0
561-234West Palm Beach0
561-506West Palm Beach2Type "STOP" If it is auto spam from...
561-704Boynton Beach1rude recorded message
561-848West Palm Beach0
561-496Delray Beach0
561-686West Palm Beach1CAlled twice this morning and hung up before ...
561-515West Palm Beach1They keep calling up to 3 times a day without...
561-279Delray Beach2This number called me 4 times today, and the ...
561-584West Palm Beach0
561-995Boca Raton0
561-827West Palm Beach1Calls several times a day and hangs up...
561-458Boca Raton0
561-346West Palm Beach1claim to be from law enforcement agency that ...
561-363Tampa1Have gotten 3 calls today-10/30/2021 and keep...
561-662West Palm Beach1Sends porno pictures. No idea who
561-822West Palm Beach0
561-265Delray Beach0
561-245Boca Raton2Insurance sales for Medicare recipients.
561-233West Palm Beach0
561-258Belle Glade0
561-424Boynton Beach0
561-574West Palm Beach1Trying to get Credit Card info to switch you ...
561-547West Palm Beach1harrasing me
561-213Boca Raton1Health Care Scam
561-889West Palm Beach0
561-835West Palm Beach0
561-854West Palm Beach0
561-537West Palm Beach2scammers! THEY CALL ALL DAY AND NIGHT...
561-482Boca Raton0
561-451Boca Raton0
561-963West Palm Beach0
561-404Delray Beach10Usual Nigerian shipping scam. Starts off &quo...
561-909West Palm Beach0
561-819Delray Beach2sends crude sexual messages to me and somehow...
561-354Jupiter1This number continues to call leaving no msgs...
561-967West Palm Beach1calls are being received 24 hours a day to a ...
561-252West Palm Beach0
561-682West Palm Beach0
561-776West Palm Beach0
561-999Boca Raton0
561-792West Palm Beach1Keeps calling and hanging up. When I call bac...
561-640West Palm Beach0
561-302Boca Raton0
561-798West Palm Beach0
561-667West Palm Beach0
561-367Boca Raton0
561-615West Palm Beach1calls and leaves no mesage. call back goes di...
561-243Delray Beach1Receiving calls from this unknown number. Se...
561-283West Palm Beach2I receive daily calls from this number. They ...
561-826Boca Raton1Keeps texting my phone and won't stop when I ...

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