Area Code 213 Map and Location

Area code 213 is located in California. The approximate area that is served by this exchange is inside the circle on the map below.


Area Code 213 Valid Telephone Exchanges

Area code (213) currently contains 455 local exchanges. Click an exchange below to get more information about the supported thousands digit of the phone number.

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Exchange City County Zip Code # User Comments Last Comment From This Exchange
213-220Los AngelesN/A900710
213-630Los AngelesN/A900711guy texted asking if i wanted to see a pix of...
213-637Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-966Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-246Los AngelesN/A900710
213-400Los AngelesN/A900710
213-621Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-777Los AngelesN/A900710
213-825Los AngelesN/A900711Man with an Indian accent keeps on calling my...
213-652Los AngelesN/A900710
213-830Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-918Los AngelesN/A900710
213-891Los AngelesN/A900711Subject: Corporate eFax message - 1 page(s) f...
213-380Los AngelesLos Angeles900571ola me llamo jesus moscoso diaz me gustaria s...
213-974Los AngelesN/A900710
213-821Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-517Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-640Los AngelesLos Angeles900261Sends duplicate emails to various childcare/d...
213-765Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-252Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-892Los AngelesN/A900710
213-213Los AngelesN/A900710
213-670Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-996Los AngelesN/A900710
213-717Los AngelesN/A900710
213-784Los AngelesN/A900713claims to be irs treasury dept. all foreign ...
213-287Los AngelesN/A900710
213-873Los AngelesN/A900710
213-713Los AngelesN/A900711Call and claim they are filing a lawsuit agai...
213-344Los AngelesN/A900711They call my work line multiple times per day...
213-350Los AngelesN/A900710
213-385Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-822Los AngelesN/A900711This person is calling me, stating he is with...
213-804Los AngelesN/A900710
213-473Los AngelesN/A900710
213-639Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-792Los AngelesN/A900710
213-407Los AngelesN/A900710
213-373Los AngelesLos Angeles900072She's telling me her dad has millions he left...
213-925Los AngelesN/A900711HARRASSES HOME WRECKER
213-422Los AngelesN/A900711Crazy to get spam texts now. This number text...
213-487Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-403Los AngelesN/A900710
213-738Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-367Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-301Los AngelesN/A900710
213-239Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-254Los AngelesN/A900711Keeps calling and no answer
213-941Los AngelesN/A900710
213-978Los AngelesN/A900710
213-353Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-797Los AngelesN/A900711this person keeps sending my husband emails t...
213-701Los AngelesN/A900710
213-316Los AngelesN/A900710
213-708GardenaLos Angeles902470
213-443Los AngelesN/A900712called this number back several times only th...
213-975Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-342Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Claims to be in North Bay Cameroon, Africa......
213-503Los AngelesN/A900710
213-366GardenaLos Angeles902471This number calls once or twice a month with ...
213-223Los AngelesN/A900710
213-507Los AngelesN/A900710
213-711AnaheimOrange928051These guys are pulling a pretty scary scam. ...
213-255Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-542Los AngelesN/A900717Phone rings, I answer and the line goes dead ...
213-406Los AngelesN/A900710
213-990Los AngelesN/A900710
213-688Los AngelesN/A900710
213-949Los AngelesN/A900710
213-863Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Received email soliciting specialized QuickBo...
213-379Los AngelesN/A900712this person keeps calling me using the irs.
213-240Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-617Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-270Los AngelesN/A900711Recorded call received re: supposed tax liens...
213-303Los AngelesN/A900710
213-271Los AngelesN/A900716I keep receiving call from this number, I wan...
213-313Los AngelesN/A900710
213-377Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-362Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-514Los AngelesLos Angeles900071called number back its a survey company
213-919Los AngelesN/A900710
213-292Los AngelesN/A900712Called originally from blocked number. This p...
213-321Los AngelesN/A900714trying to extort money to keep me out of jail...
213-977Los AngelesLos Angeles900261He is running a printer toner scam, whereby h...
213-455Los AngelesN/A900714offered a position of personal assistant and ...
213-537Los AngelesN/A900712He is calling from a busy call center that yo...
213-250Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-707Los AngelesN/A900710
213-520Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-234Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-616Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-533Los AngelesN/A900714This number belongs to a money scammer. Do n...
213-814Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Calls several times a day, no one on line.
213-702Los AngelesN/A900710
213-470Los AngelesN/A900710
213-944Los AngelesN/A900710
213-509Los AngelesN/A900710
213-508Los AngelesN/A900710
213-929Los AngelesN/A900710
213-360Los AngelesN/A900710
213-816Los AngelesLos Angeles900263OMG just recd the same phone call, when i try...
213-480Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-383Los AngelesLos Angeles900571This number kept calling me over 6 times alre...
213-833Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-485Los AngelesN/A900710
213-867Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Jenny, I got your number...
213-908Los AngelesLos Angeles900571i lost my cell phone and the man who called h...
213-359Los AngelesN/A900710
213-748Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-861Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-221Los AngelesN/A900711I received a scam email with this phone numbe...
213-703Los AngelesN/A900711Got a text message from this number that said...
213-615Los AngelesN/A900710
213-935Los AngelesN/A900712This person claims to be able to take 2 hundr...
213-305Los AngelesN/A900710
213-447Los AngelesN/A900713this guy has been harrassing me for a few mon...
213-716Los AngelesN/A900714I received a call from that number this morni...
213-208GardenaLos Angeles902470
213-841Los AngelesN/A900711restraining order will be filed if calls and ...
213-680Los AngelesN/A900710
213-798Los AngelesN/A900710
213-739Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-382Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-516Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-245Los AngelesLos Angeles900073Unsolicited text message requesting contact.
213-225Los AngelesN/A900710
213-261Los AngelesN/A900714Claimed he works at the Dept.of Justice Burea...
213-236Los AngelesN/A900710
213-961Los AngelesN/A900710
213-928Los AngelesN/A900710
213-550Los AngelesN/A900714WHO CALLED ME FROM THIS NUMBER 213...
213-704Los AngelesN/A900710
213-806Los AngelesN/A900710
213-580Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-458Los AngelesN/A900710
213-288Los AngelesN/A900710
213-663Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Keeps sending graphic photographics to my cel...
213-895Los AngelesN/A900710
213-200Los AngelesN/A900710
213-465Los AngelesLos Angeles900072I live in PA. Caller was a woman saying I had...
213-628Los AngelesN/A900710
213-599Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-501Los AngelesN/A900710
213-484Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-417Los AngelesN/A900710
213-330Los AngelesN/A900713saying computer has a virus
213-401Los AngelesLos Angeles900262Scam, check it out.
213-769Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-327Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-369Los AngelesN/A900710
213-986Los AngelesN/A900713They are very stuped ,she toll me I have to p...
213-412Los AngelesN/A900710
213-604Los AngelesN/A900710
213-309Los AngelesN/A900710
213-482Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-203Los AngelesN/A900710
213-232Los AngelesN/A900710
213-700Los AngelesN/A900710
213-612Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-829Los AngelesN/A900710
213-219Los AngelesN/A900710
213-248Los AngelesN/A900710
213-705Los AngelesN/A900710
213-253Los AngelesN/A900710
213-435Los AngelesN/A900710
213-807Los AngelesLos Angeles900261Sends me crazy messages and calls all the tim...
213-864Los AngelesN/A900711Spam text messaging
213-283Los AngelesN/A900713These people call my work phone (and I'm not ...
213-324GardenaLos Angeles902471A robocall that called my home, then my cell ...
213-808Los AngelesN/A900710
213-905Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-386Los AngelesLos Angeles900571loan modification scammers
213-613Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-736Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-230Los AngelesN/A900710
213-820Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-207Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-483Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-226Los AngelesN/A900711I keep getting calls from this number, they d...
213-827Los AngelesN/A900710
213-623Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-273Los AngelesLos Angeles900261Left tons of voicemails with no recorded "voi...
213-393Los AngelesN/A900712Answered, which I usually don't. It was Recor...
213-210Los AngelesLos Angeles900262sex scammer
213-290Los AngelesN/A900712I want if her is text to a 1 men or 2
213-787Los AngelesN/A900712caller kept calling my number over 20 times.....
213-610Los AngelesN/A900710
213-605Los AngelesN/A900710
213-952Los AngelesN/A900710
213-746Los AngelesLos Angeles900071This company keeps calling leaving voice mess...
213-413Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-427Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-489Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-361Los AngelesN/A900711keep calling saying I owe the IRS pay now or ...
213-341Los AngelesLos Angeles900262 they buy time-barred debt that's almost a d...
213-614Los AngelesN/A900710
213-355Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-227Los AngelesN/A900710
213-206Los AngelesN/A900710
213-505Los AngelesN/A900710
213-209Los AngelesN/A900710
213-522Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-314Los AngelesN/A900710
213-742Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-894Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-289Los AngelesN/A900716Called as a recording and told me to call the...
213-559Los AngelesN/A900710
213-299Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-259Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-596Los AngelesN/A900712This number has been harassing by calling my ...
213-346Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-201Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-570Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-761Los AngelesN/A900712Man with Indian accent called. Said he was a ...
213-375Los AngelesLos Angeles900262A call from this number stated the call was f...
213-329Los AngelesN/A900710
213-356Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-901Los AngelesN/A900710
213-842Los AngelesN/A900711The number 213-924-5096 kept texting me for s...
213-272Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-504Los AngelesN/A900711This spam caller hits us several times daily....
213-674Los AngelesLos Angeles900261Please stop calling. Thank You
213-351Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-430Los AngelesN/A900710
213-710GardenaLos Angeles902471calls multiple times every day and hangs up w...
213-534Los AngelesN/A900710
213-478Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-212Los AngelesN/A900710
213-626Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-408Los AngelesN/A900710
213-437Los AngelesN/A900710
213-519Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-499Los AngelesN/A900710
213-719Los AngelesN/A900710
213-229Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-627Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-300Los AngelesN/A900713They call and say they will file a case again...
213-536Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-216Los AngelesN/A900710
213-388Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-793Los AngelesN/A900710
213-445GardenaLos Angeles902470
213-632Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-325Los AngelesN/A900710
213-927Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-715Los AngelesN/A900710
213-304Los AngelesN/A900714An automated voice is pretending to be the IR...
213-389Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-235Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-915Los AngelesLos Angeles900261 They called and left a threatening violent ...
213-828Los AngelesN/A900710
213-972Los AngelesN/A900710
213-394Los AngelesN/A900713Not real person, recorded. Stating she is fro...
213-276Los AngelesN/A900710
213-278Los AngelesN/A900711Hello, please help me to stop this person s...
213-477Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-531Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-897Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-258Los AngelesN/A900712Has been harrasing me sending me nasty and ma...
213-994Los AngelesN/A900710
213-948Los AngelesN/A900710
213-434Los AngelesN/A900710
213-381Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-910Los AngelesN/A900710
213-817Los AngelesN/A900710
213-709Los AngelesN/A900713A long line of calls for the last 3 weeks fro...
213-620Los AngelesLos Angeles900711Scammers calling from this number repeatedly
213-397Los AngelesN/A900710
213-810Los AngelesN/A900710
213-308Los AngelesN/A900712Somehow got my number and sent my phone a lin...
213-909Los AngelesLos Angeles900262Thi number is sooo annoying they keep calling...
213-989Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-629Los AngelesN/A900711Twice now, I've received a call from this num...
213-622Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-760Los AngelesN/A900710
213-364Los AngelesN/A900712Similar phone number to mine making harrassin...
213-496Los AngelesN/A900710
213-634Los AngelesN/A900710
213-926Los AngelesN/A900710
213-813Los AngelesN/A900710
213-576Los AngelesLos Angeles900712This idiot showed up at my doorstep and said ...
213-333Los AngelesN/A900714Id caller showed "urgent" left no message.
213-384Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-244Los AngelesN/A900710
213-363Los AngelesN/A900710
213-924Los AngelesN/A900710
213-399Los AngelesN/A900714An automated message left on my v.m. says som...
213-371Los AngelesN/A900710
213-545Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Claims he is filing a lawsuit against one of ...
213-391Los AngelesN/A900710
213-479Los AngelesN/A900718Fake Special Agent with IRS, Posing as the IR...
213-675Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-607Los AngelesN/A900710
213-398Los AngelesN/A900710
213-899Los AngelesN/A900710
213-265Los AngelesN/A900713It seems to be this guy:
213-608Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Keeps calling saying he's some alien that wil...
213-823Los AngelesN/A900710
213-506Los AngelesN/A900710
213-486Los AngelesN/A900710
213-812Los AngelesN/A900710
213-319Los AngelesN/A900710
213-312Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-985Los AngelesLos Angeles900261Calls every day and leaves no messages.
213-687Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-917Los AngelesN/A900710
213-689Los AngelesN/A900710
213-467Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-347Los AngelesLos Angeles900711Caller refuses to stop calling me. Dated once...
213-587Los AngelesN/A900710
213-955Los AngelesN/A900710
213-763Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-241Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-858Los AngelesLos Angeles900262Receive constant harrassing text from this nu...
213-500Los AngelesN/A900710
213-453Los AngelesN/A900711calling using 2134536316
213-666Los AngelesN/A900710
213-454Los AngelesN/A900710
213-285Los AngelesN/A900710
213-202Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-741Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-764Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-590Los AngelesN/A900713Claiming to be IRS and filing a lawsuit
213-920Los AngelesN/A900710
213-402Los AngelesN/A900711esta persona se ase pasar por una nueva estac...
213-256Los AngelesN/A900710
213-988Los AngelesN/A900710
213-452Los AngelesN/A900711auto bot call claiming to be google wanting t...
213-392Los AngelesN/A900711THIS JERK,keeps calling, about mcafee product...
213-999Los AngelesN/A900710
213-893Los AngelesN/A900710
213-222Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-530Los AngelesN/A900710
213-673Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-839Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-631Los AngelesN/A900710
213-249Los AngelesLos Angeles900571This number sends text messages to cell phone...
213-694Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-426Los AngelesLos Angeles900711they said I owe tax and if I dont respond to ...
213-992Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Accent from India used #929 2977340 called se...
213-291Los AngelesN/A900712Answered but nobody on the other end.
213-718Los AngelesN/A900711this guy called me thru a sugar daddy site wa...
213-802Los AngelesN/A900710
213-339Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-963Los AngelesN/A900710
213-603Los AngelesN/A900711Talking dirty words and harassing me. Won't l...
213-880Los AngelesN/A900710
213-555Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-365Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-538Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-280Los AngelesN/A900714harrassing phone call most likely a scam
213-973Los AngelesLos Angeles9000722nd call from them. I thought I blocked the ...
213-706Los AngelesN/A900711Received 2 recorded calls claiming it was the...
213-493Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-744Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-228Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-598Los AngelesN/A900710
213-968Los AngelesN/A900710
213-237Los AngelesN/A900710
213-840Los AngelesN/A900711i don't know who this person is please tell w...
213-712Los AngelesN/A900712Has called multiple times asking about an app...
213-415Los AngelesN/A900710
213-293Los AngelesN/A900718This is a scam. They leave a msg from line (...
213-494Los AngelesN/A900710
213-260Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-896Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-747Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-633Los AngelesLos Angeles900711keeps calling asking fro someone thats not he...
213-579Los AngelesN/A900710
213-995Los AngelesN/A900711BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!!!!!
213-438Los AngelesN/A900710
213-284Los AngelesLos Angeles900071Spam SMS received
213-743Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-498Los AngelesN/A900710
213-404Los AngelesN/A900710
213-698Los AngelesN/A900710
213-446Los AngelesN/A900716Since when does the I.R.S. use Wireless cell ...
213-922Los AngelesN/A900710
213-591GardenaLos Angeles902470
213-749Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-448Los AngelesN/A900713This number keeps changing my google number t...
213-416Los AngelesN/A900710
213-947Los AngelesN/A900710
213-568Los AngelesLos Angeles900261Message starts off "if we do not hear from yo...
213-745Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-215Los AngelesN/A900711Prank phone calls
213-835Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-819Los AngelesN/A900710
213-943Los AngelesN/A900710
213-345Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-923Los AngelesN/A900711Call about a green card to pick it up at the ...
213-888Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-205Los AngelesN/A900711Keeps calling and leaves no message!
213-740Los AngelesLos Angeles900070
213-624Los AngelesN/A900710
213-243Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-625Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-368Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-387Los AngelesLos Angeles900570
213-233Los AngelesN/A900712User called my friend and stated they had a w...
213-595Los AngelesN/A900710
213-921Los AngelesN/A900710
213-725Los AngelesLos Angeles900072Called left no name or msg. More than likely ...
213-799Los AngelesLos Angeles900073she was being an asshole
213-984Los AngelesLos Angeles900261Received a text message and they were someone...
213-683Los AngelesN/A900710
213-405Los AngelesN/A900710
213-553Los AngelesN/A900710
213-618Los AngelesN/A900710
213-785Los AngelesN/A900711Claims to be a bank shutting off your debit c...
213-337Los AngelesN/A900711person is located out side the united states ...
213-440Los AngelesN/A900711Strange, these calls (2) always appear in my ...
213-884Los AngelesLos Angeles900261This turd said that we had spoken in Jan abou...
213-449Los AngelesN/A900710
213-572Los AngelesN/A900711He is a hacker, went on my fb tried to get my...
213-268Los AngelesN/A900710
213-471Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-307Los AngelesN/A900710
213-593Los AngelesN/A900710
213-439Los AngelesN/A900710
213-847Los AngelesN/A900710
213-281Los AngelesN/A900711sent me text for apple product at 11 pm
213-991Los AngelesN/A900710
213-488Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-788Los AngelesN/A900710
213-217Los AngelesLos Angeles900711Called me and cussed me out using profanity. ...
213-286Los AngelesN/A900712Claims to be from US Dept of Treasury Enforce...
213-532Los AngelesLos Angeles900710
213-481Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-805Los AngelesLos Angeles900260
213-251Los AngelesLos Angeles900570

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