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Anita reported:

SMS Text Uses wrong name Quote for new home at odd address Includes an unsecured internet link SMISHING, PHISHING

Anita reported:

SMS text message. -Whats up I totally forgot the contract as usual- and an unsecured link in the message SMISHING, PHISHING

JULIE LITTLE reported:


Anita reported:

Unanswered phone call; no voicemail. Callback resulted in a no connection. SPAM

Jessica reported:

Unknown text came in asking about personal information.

Marc reported:

Ex girlfriend harassing calls

Marie Moser reported:

multiple unwanted phone cals at all hours

Donotcaller reported:

Do not know this person. No one there when I answered.

Melissa reported:

Called to say before she makes a decision on a matter she would like to discuss it with me but no mention of what she has and gave me an 888 number to call back

JAM reported:

Robocall left recorded msg that begins part way into the msg saying 'toll free # 760-203-2118' repeats # and adds 'this call may be recorded for quality or training purposes. Checking the # I get standard Verizon wireless recording 'Welcome to Verizon wireless. Your call cannot be connected as dialed, please check the # and dial again'.

Scott reported:

Called once then hung up. That's what spammers do. He is getting reported as such. If it's a wrong number then talk to me and say so.

Redhead1 reported:

Why am I constantly getting phone calls from this number?

Les Ma reported:

Seems like a scammer to me

William Raines reported:

Do not recognize caller

DLS reported:

calls many times a day asking for her grandaughter even though we told her she has the wrong number

Maynor reported:

no but the fucken bitch keeps calling and messing with me and my wife

Mona reported:

Damn calls at 6AM, from who, I have no idea but I am sick of them!

Jennie Blackwell reported:

Harassing phone call threatening law suit regarding fraud

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - easy money scam - A search shows this number to be from Glenns Ferry, ID. A land line using QWEST CORPORATION. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Carrie reported:

Robocall from vehicle warranty center

Ellen Ireland reported:

When I answer. They never say anything and then they hang up.

Medical Science reported:

Shows as above, normally I don't answer unknown calls. It's a recorded message, stating I had contacted them re. insurance. I've never contacted. BEWARE!!!!!

Randy reported:

As usual when looking at my phone to see if it's a number I recognized, they hung-up without leaving a message. Luckily, it's easy to block calls on my phone so...BLOCKED!

Ken reported:

Annoying spam recorded message...vulgar.

Ralph reported:

"Can you here me" scam. Hang up!

Ashworth reported:

constant calling 941-488-0848 and leaves no message. Could be a spoof. My call back received message"not an active phone number"

Ron reported:

wireless, SPG, MO verizon Personal # probably SPOOFED. Call Blocker!

Arlene reported:

try calling back and get the typical 'this number is no longer in service'...listed as an Austin Number but comes across as Pflugerville TX

TJ reported:

Telemarketer-Pain Management. Harassment.

Concerned reported:

This number calls two or three times at least every day

E Hunter reported:

Called place of business inquiring about a property for lease. Four (4) answered calls, after being harassed the last one was a verbal threat.."I'm coming up there to snatch your ass from behind that desk!" I take this as a threat.

Bill mecey reported:

Keeps calling and texting me to call. Don't know them. Asked them to please stop calling and texting and they want to know why. I don't know anyone at this number and I think they think its funny but they wont stop. Please correct this.

jordan reported:

Constantly calling and harassing my friends

JAM reported:

Unwanted call just mins ago, no msg, # is disc. Obvious scam robocaller

Bernard Watson reported:

Constantly calling and texting and using the N word. He calls every night and I want it stopped.

JAM reported:

Rcvd MMS from this # sent to 20 #s ending in same last 4 #s. Other fam mbr rcvd same to last 4 #s of his cell #. Text msg: JOAN M DENNING , Installation MoneyGET UP TO $5,000 - Replies to MMS would be rcvd by all 20 #s on orig MMS. That's a lot of unwanted text msgs.

L D reported:

Calls coming in from this number after 8 PM.

Barbara cutlip reported:

Please do not call me anymore

Bob Mortland reported:

Three calls that my spam detector blocked within ten minutes.

gary reported:

don't want your text

J Post reported:

claim to be Apple support but hang up when asked why they are calling my number which is on no call lists.

D reported:

caller ID display 952-215-9074 and Twin Cities, MN. Calls and leaves no message

gbd reported:

Calls & leaves no message!

M. Sanders reported:

This #16504817010 Called my # and my mother's # with in a minutes time ! I called back the number and a Spanish speaking woman answered, she managed to say "wrong #" Oh=So U called my # and then my Mother's # by Accident !

Frances Denniz reported:

Confirming a Dr. Appt? I don't live near MY Why make this appt How stupid

Cameron reported:

He is posing as a CashNetUSA loan officer trying to grant me a loan!

Mary Murphy reported:

Spam text messages

Jon reported:

A robocall from UN-known - NON-WORKING NUMBER - health insurance scam - A search shows this number to be from Albany, OR. A land line using ELECTRIC LIGHTWAVE, LLC DBA ALLSTREAM - OR. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Wistan reported:

It is a scam from some kind of deal give away thing. I did not answer so I call back and that is what I found out to be scam stile robocall.

carl coblentz reported:

8 calls a day from these people


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