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chilton reported:

This number keeps calling, they don't leave a message. I have no idea who it is. I want it to stop.

Paul reported:

said they were from ss office said someone in texas was using my ss number

Joe Lee reported:

Said they were from Publisher's Clearing House and I won $855,000 dollars.

UkKid reported:

This call is a scam, you are not in trouble with the justice system, no one is coming to arrest you. Do not press the number to speak with an officer, it's all a scam. You'd be contacted by mail. Do not answer.

Frank reported:

Amazon order for a iPhone, they said they will call back to change your security settings on your account. FRAUD.....

D Evans reported:

FaceTime Porn

Diane reported:

called and left no message. Blocking

ROGER reported:


Eileen Wilkerson reported:

A Republican party probably doing a survey

E reported:

US Treasury scam

Brenda reported:

Robocall asking if I got my IRS refund check and if not to verify my SSN. NOT happening. Blocked them and reported to the FTC.

Mike Paston reported:

Claims to be FEDEX

Madsen reported:

Multiple not know this phone number.

censored reported:

Police confirm my phone has a privacy block. I'm prior military/government/police. Also it wont show as a faked number. Person asked if I just called them I hadn't.

Jane McKenna reported:

Keeps calling. No one there

Me reported:

some fake ass in squamish bc calling a fido private #

Trent reported:

Call comes in as UNKNOWN NAME

Android Usdr reported:

No one left s message

Richie reported:

Claims to be from SS on a recorded line and that I recently inquired about SS Disability. Problem is I did not and Social Security does not call. Second call from "Audrey" this week.

Susan reported:

Looked it up and it from T-Mobile. They call every day at least i time. We let it go to the answering machine and they never leave a message.

SpamBlaster reported:

Marriott hotels Robo call about my phone number being selected for an exclusive opportunity to stay blah blah blah... Illegal automated call. Also I am on the Do Not Call register. This is just another entitled company that thinks they're above obeying the law. Blocked and Reported to FCC, FTC, my State Governor, and my phone company.

Guillermo reported:

this person is calling me every day w/o talking

Fermin reported:

They said my ss number is suspended, because of suspicious activity

Tidwell reported:

Will not quit texting me

Anonymous reported:

Donnagingello Cobos A.k.a. Adrian Stein a.k.a. Adrian Stein maker uses Google my business phone apps because I reported us they took it down my devices and my account carrier for all my devices are being subpoenaed. I can specify the names legally online with no legal action taken against myself due to the fact that I have pictures of that created fake business for other pleasurable business as a front this is not the first time she has been in court using appsHelping others make life threats it’s documented by court I have notified the police of all the a.k.a. Names a.k.a. numbers a.k.a. Business namesI have been abuse and all levels due to all my findings I have been threatened I have been stalkedDonna has called me from 585-349-5031 it’s in my phone log and it’s on my carrier count phone logs there’s a department Verizon deals with police and FBI da has contacted themAnything happens to me I gave the names above too much illegal activity going on numerous falls business names

Me reported:

She's down to fuck whoever calls her no lie

lonny reported:

called 2 times, no message left.

D. JONES reported:


Kia reported:

This phone number is blackmailing women into giving the money after receiving nudes.

TEW reported:

not a valid call back #

Lk reported:

Claimed to be Service Canada and that the RCMP we’re investigating fraudulent use of social security number

Big Lee reported:

person keeps calling harrassing me, please don't call. just text.

Dennis Powers reported:

Caller is saying they represent social security and I'm being arrested for fraud. Phoney Scammer.

jft reported:

Scam Has also used 219-2790

Robert Konka reported:

Supposed to be a company. Detex???

Tony reported:

Called no answer or message

carol reported:

I received an email supposedly from Amazon that I purchased an iphone, and the 8028398008 was given as the Amazon number to call. I had not ordered anything from Amazon lately, much less a $500 phone. obviously a scam. the number is listed to someone in Montpelier NY.

Joseph Grilli reported:

Robo caller! Huge nuisance!!

Joe reported:

They’re asking for money and saying they’re saying that they’re gonna beat up dude

Gabriel S reported:

Called 4 times at 12:40 pm. and no message . Its currently registered with T-mobile.

Pat C reported:

I am on Di not call list. This number called my cell phone- I don’t give number out- no message so must be spam

Tammy Ivey reported:

Called looking for my late husband, when I told the caller my husband passed away. He said He was going to sell me some very good meth.

Char reported:

This number was used for the social security scam. Stated my SS# was suspended.

NELSON M. PEREZ reported:

24/7 calling then no one there.

Roy Galarneau reported:

I live in Canada, about 5000 miles from Berkeley. Unless the number was "spoofed", this is the origin of the call. I did not answer the call.

Phillip Holcomb reported:

Been getting calls from this number and don't know who they are just tired of getting phone at all of the night and day!!!!

von vomit reported:

Caller has stolen my identity.

Mark Toland reported:

Call from: 805-416-2100. Called me on July 4, 2020 at 3:57 AM. Did not leave a message! How rude!

John reported:

Getting calls up to 8-10 a day. Caller spoke once, claiming to say he had additional health coverage for Medicare for me. There's a problem with that, I'm not on Medicare. Caller hangs up, but continues to call me on a daily basis.


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