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Sherill L Borg reported:

Calls using 925-262-xxxx every 10min. says they're Amazon customer service. Crazy

Harry Shoemaker reported:

I keep receiving strange text messes from this caller who keeps asking about my kids and a computer game. Not sure what kind of scam this is but I ask him to stop several times now and finally he has. Recently I had someone hack my utube account and have since deleted it and I'm worried these people may have stolen my identity.

Al reported:

Unsolicited text msg regarding order ready for pick up - asking to click link -NOT!!

Stacy Whitney reported:

Who is this calling me?

Linda S reported:

Stated he was with Social Security and needed to address an issue with fraudulent claim against my SS number. But also gave me the same number with a 915 area code. Told him that would probably be regarding my husband (not true but just trying to get more info from him.) So he wanted to talk with my husband.

Mariam reported:

This people keeps calling me, I am sick and tired of the phone calls, they seem to be from India or Pakistan, I told one of them off

Bill Hewitt reported:

Scam that claims my Google account is in danger of suspension because it needs to be verified.

crystal reported:

noone there when answered. computer. repeat calls over & over

annonymous reported:

Called said his was from Medicare, calling to qualify me, then asked if I have Medicare Part A and B he believes I do. I told him I would answer his questions, got mad and said have a nice day and hung up

Maxon reported:

Over 5 calls to my home, no answer, electronic sounds... Caller I.D. say's ALIGN DR DAVY

kate reported:

have no idea who this is and there was no message. I don't answer unless I know who it is that way I don't have to listen to a lot of junk.Kate

jackie reported:

called and said they were from PECO and wanted information on my equipment? She sounded African American and was brisk.

A. P reported:

Threatens legal action if I do not return the call

Ginger reported:

This robot call claims to be from Visa offering new extended credit if you push 1. But it's not Visa. The number is a spoofed residential land line.

Human Being reported:

Robi voice left VM saying they're Social Security trying to reach me, press 1 to be connected. SCAMMERS gonna scam!

k reported:

SSI office calling ??? what a BS.

Linda reported:

Received a text identified as spam by my phone, supposedly from Chase Bank (I do have an account with Chase) with a "banking code" number, providing a website to "visit" if I didn't ask for it. Clicked on the link and was taken to an unidentified page asking for my sign-in information, which I didn't provide.

karen cournoyer reported:

Between hours of 10:50am and 6:30pm on 4/8/21... 706-541-8389 called my cell phone 20 (twenty) times even though I told them not to call me again.

Rob Allen reported:

This company has been harassing me for about a year. Each time they call (sometimes multiple calls a day) they use a different number.

Anonymous reported:

Phishing using sms

Mary M MATHENY@ reported:

This number has called me 4 times in the past couple of days claiming to be from a bank telling me I have money in the bank. I know it is a scam and have called him on it and asked him to stop calling.

William reported:

claimed to be "handling the claim filed by the IRS on my social security number".

William reported:

Called claiming to be handling "a claim filed by the IRS on my social security number"

S. Roberts reported:

Threat to cancel my accounts as well as my social security

Barb Lingel reported:

Elderly woman called and said someone from this number called her and asked for her ss #. She did give it to them. They told her they were going to send a new card. When you call back there is no answer and just background noise.

Paul reported:

Recording wants to know if I got my economic stimulus check. WTF?? Blocked this number.

Rebecca Hull reported:

They called but when I picked up did not answer. I tried calling back and a recording said they are unable to put the call through. They are local (in same town) as me.

mike reported:

made verbal threats and harrasment

mike reported:

threatning phone call and harrasing

Tammy Rapp reported:

They say US Federal Government

T reported:

Scammer - Robocall regarding unspecified legal action against you

o. garcia reported:

has been calling and using different phone #s and robo texts trying to sell land even when i have blocked the previous #

derrick reported:

texting me advertisement which I have to pay for text charges.


metro pcs t mobile

MG reported:

Calls but doesn't leave a message. One call was at 11:30pm

Tom reported:

Not a call but a phone # listed on WHOIS for a sketchy email I received from It appears to have nothing to do with

sonja felatio reported:

one guy (in his picture profile) named Larry try to contact me by whatsapp message but with the name Mandy

cedar reported:

scam call

david reported:

Keeps calling my daughter asking questions about family members.

Randy reported:

I am on the do not call registery, what is wrong with these people. calling at 6pm...

KC reported:

Amazon Scam

J. reported:

Called but didnt leave a msg

doan huan reported:

India voice, claimed that revenu canada...i did call back, a girl with French accent from Quebec

Lisa W. reported:

This is a scam call threatening “ federal action”.

Webo reported:

The caller is located in Santa Fe NM, and isn't affilated with any business. The caller is a scammer.

Chrisbye reported:

ANOTHER auto warranty scam call.

Peggy reported:

Calling telling me I am facing criminal charges and they need personal information to stop legal action

North Valley reported:

I just got a bunch of phone calls stating that someone hacked into our email address here at work and the email is stating to call this phone number. When I tried calling it said it was a Jill L. Schultz

no reported:

take me off your call list.

Maiko Johnson reported:

Received a call stating an unauthorized charge for Iphone 12 was placed.Compromised my credit card. These were hackers and want to file a report.


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