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Joi reported:

Scam. Phishing for personal info. Posing as federal agent

MIchael A. Valente reported:

This is connected to a scam . You call for truck repair they get money in advance and then this number calls another repair company and then they do the repair and you have to pay them. This is the number that called Homer Towing and requested service for my truck after I called Diesel truck repair at 855-450-1212

unknown reported:

I wish that these idiot brain would stop calling me on my personal phone They are nothing but a darn liar . Do unto other as other would do unto them,

shaz reported:


Helen Stone reported:

Called to say I had won 2.5 million plus a Mercedes Benz car. Checked it out and it is a scam. Did not give any personal info. to him. He gave me a claim number, etc.

Mary Lawson reported:

Left me a message telling me my social security benefits will be suspended. Then, text me the same thing. There's ENOUGH going on with COVID, LEAVE ME ALONE

R reported:

Three calls so far today. Have not picked up any of the calls.

anon reported:

jerk; filthy potty mouth; probably scammer

stan Bartkus reported:

called twice with no message.

Ben reported:

Warwick RI caller. Recording asked me for my SSN for a lottery I won. Blocked.

Maddas L. reported:

Unsolicited SCAM or FRAUD caller from tiny Texas town (167 so far), masking name from CID in violation of the National Do Not Call Registry

John reported:

Scams life insurance Rogers communication not safe utters threats to life Call RCMP put them away

At&t representative reported:

Left no name. Said they would give discount form AT&T.

Hamilton Burger reported:

missed crank call

Dana reported:

This number keeps calling several times a day. When I answer the phone, no one is there.

CARRY reported:

I want the calls stop

Todd Zimmer reported:

unsolicited offer to buy my home as a local investor from a mobile phone listing that is not local.

Yvonne Van Bruggen reported:

Man from this number said they were from Amazon with suspicious charge. I hadn't charged and there is no message on my Amazon account.

w reported:

red bluff mt lassen charter office five daughter jones is going out of business five daughter jones been black mailing &scaming senior people&poor people out of$9888888888million of dollars 5305292722

Anonymous reported:

Called at 10:24am 1/27/2021. Hung up after two rings. No message was left. Caller ID says Oklahoma. I have no business with anyone in that location that I know of. I will assume this is Spam or Fraud since I have read that a lot of such calls are coming from all over the U.S.A. lately during tax season.

John reported:

Claimed to be the IRS, told me my social has been inactivated due to suspicious activity.

Deb reported:

Looked up the company probably a number that has been spoofed by a sleezy telemarketer. They make lawn and garden equipment supplies. We have no dealings with such a firm

Deb reported:

No idea what company this is. They hung up, did not leave a message as a legit firm would have

Deb reported:

JFS Cleaning. I guess they figure lots of people use cleaning services and might pick up thinking it's legit. They didn't leave a message. A Legit call would have.

jones reported:

call my house at 2:30 a.m. in the morning.

j conley reported:

i've received numerous call, and they do not leave a message. assume its spam.

Fred reported:

Says there is a hold on a $1000.00 purchase on my card registered with Amazon, due to suspicious activity. They can't give you the last 4 digits of card and if you ask to speak to a manager they hang up.

shaz reported:

Do you qualify for medicare?

Robert Terao reported:

Supposedly Amazon called and told me I made a charge of $344, is I don't recognize this call 313-379-5280. I called and told all agents are busy, leave name and number and they will call back. I never received a call. I believe if it was Amazon, they would have called back within the next two hours.

Kim Tenkate reported:

Scam, saying they had a package to deliver and they were at my door. They were not!

Tammie reported:

This is a on line bead store; local customer service number.

Charles Mann reported:

constant bogus telemarketer calls, never leaves any messages

shaz reported:

just hung up

Cara Houck reported:

I am getting a message if I don't dial a number, I could be arrested. I called them back and they asked for my name and dob.

no not going to reported:

scam call - said they were from Amazon

Bobby reported:

This number is claiming to be Social Security Officers and claim that my number was compromised and being "shut off". This is ridiculous.

Sheri B reported:

Spam call claiming to be Disney

LC reported:

It was a robo call saying press 1 into my voice Mail. My call display says Tallahassee, Fl, USA. I blocked this number. I live in Canada; there is no reason why I should be getting a call from a state or city I have never been to. SPAM and scam onviously.

shaz reported:

multiple calls, no message

shaz reported:

caller hang up

Sandi Wonka reported:


henry slominski reported:

keeps calling and going to cancel my program.. called 7 times

Hritz reported:

emily stewart chad stewart emily stewart

Woodrow George reported:

Always calling but never leave a message.

K reported:

Message was left. Claims to be an investigator. Didn't ask for whom, just said i need to speak with someone and the person had an attitude. No information was provided by the person

Timmothy reported:

he called me fat

Virginia reported:

He text my phone with some mess and don’t know me. Either he is connect with my sister Laura or Tracy and one of them got him to text me. I will be filing charges tomorrow on this number.

Elizabeth reported:

Texted: Time is running out No idea what they want

Harrassed reported:

Voicemail left: “New year warranty before we close the file if you're interested in renewing your auto warranty now please press five now or press nine to be removed from our list…”

Herbert Gass reported:

Repeated calls every few minutes for around an hour


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